What Is The Composition Of The Laptop Power Adapter

- Oct 20, 2017-

Along with the progress of society, the improvement of people's living standard, the notebook computer with its compact and convenient, powerful performance, beautiful and exquisite advantages quickly into people's daily life and work, and as the "lifeline" of the power adapter has once become the focus.

Switch transformer, one of the core components of switching power supply.

Two, inductance coil (also known as choke coil), the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Three 、 operational amplifier IC (integrated circuit), protection circuit, the important part of voltage regulation.

Four, rectifier bridge, the specification is D3SB, the role is to change the 220V AC to dc.

Five, fuse, specification for 2.5A/250V, when the current in the circuit is too large, fuse will fuse to protect other components.

Six, filter capacitor, specification is 180 F/400V, the function is to filter the DC AC ripple, make the circuit work more reliable.

Seven, high power switch tube, is one of the core components of switching power supply, switching power supply can "open and close" to work, the switch can not be done.

Eight, varistor, its function is when the external voltage is too high, the varistor resistance becomes very small, and the varistor series fuse is fused, so as to protect the other circuit is not burned.

Nine, the secondary rectifier, the function is to convert low-voltage AC to low-voltage dc. In the IBM power adapter, the rectifier is often connected by two high-power parallel to obtain a larger current output.

Ten, secondary filter capacitor, specifications of 820 F/ 25V, a total of two, filter out the ripple of low-voltage dc.

Eleven, temperature probe, temperature probe for internal power adapter, when the temperature is higher than a set value (power adapter, different brands of the set temperature threshold is slightly different), the protection circuit will cut off the output voltage adapter, thereby protecting the adapter is not damaged.