Notebook Power Adapter Cooling Tips

- Oct 20, 2017-

As everyone knows, the long time use of laptop computer laptop power adapter will be fever phenomenon, this is normal, although inevitable, but we can take appropriate measures to curb the degree of fever, also is to use heat, it can let us at ease, but also can reduce the loss of the power adapter. To increase its life.

1. create a good cooling environment. Using a laptop computer in the high temperature environment, should be placed on the power adapter from the sun and ventilated place; don't put the power adapter outlet in the vicinity of the heat dissipation of the notebook computer power adapter, otherwise not only heat does not go out, but also a part of the heat absorption. In hot summer, we can put the adapter aside to increase the contact area between the adapter and the air, so that the heat of the adapter is better distributed. In order to obtain better heat dissipation effect, we can also insert a narrow plastic block or metal block between the adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the adapter and speed up the heat transfer of the adapter.

2. abnormal occurrence should be stopped in time. When the power adapter produces a large noise or even smoke, it is often damaged or failure, and should be stopped immediately. The professional engineer can be put into use again after inspection and repair.

3. reasonable charging. When the notebook computer battery in charging state, it is best not to run large-scale 3D games to machine and other heavy load program, so that the amount of surplus power adapter output power due to the insufficient battery charging slow or incomplete filling, power adapter load weight.

4. different types of laptop power adapter can not be mixed. There are some differences in the output interface, voltage and current value of the power adapter of different brands of notebook computers, so they can not be mixed. Otherwise, the battery will be charged with electricity, the screen flicker and other phenomena, heavy will burn laptop motherboard or other hardware. The same brand, different types of notebook power adapter should also be cautious when changing, it is recommended to consult professional engineers before operation.