Laptop Power Adapter

- Oct 20, 2017-

The original power adapter shape, size, weight, power interface, voltage, output power, current and other parameters are no problem, time and effort to buy. Under normal circumstances, an original power adapter price is more than 300 yuan, the price is 3-5 times the compatible power supply, if purely for worry, then buy an original power adapter is also a good choice.

When you buy the original power adapter, there are some matters needing attention, such as the voltage in the country, the applicable models and other issues, first of all to understand. The same brand, different types of laptops, their power adapter is not exactly the same, different countries and regions of the input voltage may also be different. Determine the basic needs, as far as possible after the choice of regular after-sales service center and electronic mall for purchase, online shopping, it is best to find good reputation and evaluation of good businesses. One thing to note is that the original power adapter will not only have the shoddy, counterfeit products, such as the old charge of new phenomenon still exist in the market.

More compatible products. The main products, compatible when the purchase is to pay attention to the main parameters, including input and output interface type, input and output voltage, output current, output power, appearance, weight, quality, price and other issues. But now most of the compatibility products will be marked applicable type, so for the specific parameters of the professional friends can skip, buy directly according to the applicable model to choose.

There are two kinds of adapter interfaces: power input interface and output interface.

Most of the input interface is three pin plugs, there are individual two feet, you buy when you want to see clearly. More important is the power output interface, that is to plug into the laptop on the connector. The connector must match one hundred percent, joint size, different length, diameter, diameter, pin type are not the same, if there is no indication of whether belongs to the scope of application, in matching the voltage and current situation, to bring a computer test.

Power connector seems simple, but in fact, the quality requirements are very high. Interface parts often because of extrusion, drag and other reasons to bear a lot of pressure, if the quality is not pass, it is easy to deformation and damage, resulting in poor contact, short-circuit and other issues. When you buy, you should pay attention to observe the key parts of the work is fine, the force parts have extra thickening thickening, many power failure is because the connection part of the line broken.

Voltage, current and power

A lot of input voltage adapter are marked as 100V-240V, so it can apply to all countries and regions, but does not indicate that the input voltage can jump between 100V-240V, the normal use of the premise is the voltage to be stable, it may be damaged or even damage the computer adapter.

Another problem is the maximum output power. Power components of notebook computer is different, like the screen, CPU, graphics card, motherboard, hard disk, wireless network, USB external equipment needs greater power, if the power does not match, the computer may not be normal use, there may even damage the adapter and the parts on the computer.

Due to the power supply for notebook computer compatible with a variety of types, so when the design will have power margin for general power computer should be enough, but if your computer is connected to the power consumption, and some external devices, it is possible to power is not the problem.