How To Protect The Power Adapter

- Oct 20, 2017-

Method 1. The power adapter is pulsed by over power or over current limitation

Ultra high power or over current limit per pulse is a very effective output overload protection method in practical application, and this technology is often used in auxiliary auxiliary current limiting maintenance. In previous switching devices, the input current is monitored in real time, and if the current exceeds the current limit, the turn-on pulse will terminate. In the flyback flyback converter, its large current determines the power of the circuit, and this type of maintenance circuit becomes a real power limit maintenance circuit.

Method two. Adapter ultra power delay turn off protection

Ultra power delay turn off protection is an output overload protection technology necessary for the development of power adapter. In the delay trip type system, the requirement of short time transient current is allowed, and the power is turned off only when the current stress exceeds the safe value for a long time. The provision of short transient current will not endanger the reliability of the power supply, and will not have a great impact on the cost of the power supply. The cost and volume of the circuit will be affected only by the requirement of the temporary continuation of the current.

Method three. Flyback power limit maintenance method for power adapter

To counter the super power maintenance application more widely at present the adapter R & D and production process of the manufacturers, maintenance technology is an extension on the velocity form, there is a circuit in this form to monitor the current of primary side and secondary side voltage, reduce the power output voltage is decreased. By this method, when the load resistance decreases, the output current is reduced, and the side components are prevented from excessive stress damage. The disadvantage is that the locking phenomenon occurs when the nonlinear load is applied.

Methods four. Constant power limit maintenance method of switching power adapter

The constant input power limit maintenance method is one of the most commonly used maintenance technologies for switching power supply adapters. The maintenance principle of this method is to maintain the primary circuit by limiting the large transmission power. But in flyback converter, this technique can hardly maintain the auxiliary output component. For example, in discontinuous flyback converters, the primary peak current has been limited, that is, the limited transmission power is given.