How To Identify The Laptop Power Adapter

- Oct 20, 2017-

We all know what that means to the power adapter, laptop power adapter that can be regarded as the notebook computer life, but for the moment, the market power adapter for all kinds of fake and shoddy products, and this will give consumers It is often seen., when brought a lot of obstacles, how to safely buy their own power adapter need, this is a problem,

First, distinguish the true and false of the notebook power from the label. Comparison of true and false laptop power. The label on the left side of the assembly battery is smaller and more vague, which is different from the original genuine. There is a layer of film on the original power supply, but the assembly is not.

Two, distinguish the true and false of the notebook power from the stepping foot. False power pedal is big, and it looks rough.

Three, distinguish the true and false of the notebook power from the plug. The pin of the original power plug is relatively fine, while the assembly uses spherical pin, and there is a big gap at the edge of the four sides. The most obvious difference is that the position of the two plugs, the original power supply is in the center, while the assembly is biased to the side.

Four, from the junction to identify notebook power true or false.  With the tight original notebook power compatible laptop power supply side seam, there are obvious gaps, and have more burr.

Five, from the notebook power magnetic ring to distinguish true and false. A lot of laptop power has such black ring, this is the electromagnetic shielding ring on the power supply, in order to ensure the input notebook electrical signals without interference from the outside.

Six, from the wire to distinguish true and false power. The original power supply cord tied to gray, and assembly are mostly black, and in the power line length is also different, the original power is about 168CM, while the assembly is about 100CM, the texture, the original power line than on many hard assembly.

Seven, distinguish the true and false power from the connector. The design style of original assembly is different, the original notebook power line clear water chestnut, and assembling the notebook power line is relatively smooth.

Eight, distinguish the true and false power from the interface color. The original power interface is always yellow, and the laptop power supply is yellow green.

Nine, from the weight of true and false discrimination. The original power supply is much heavier than the assembly.