How To Deal With The Loss Of Laptop Batteries

- Oct 20, 2017-

Laptop batteries are like laptop computers, so laptop batteries will greatly reduce the battery life if they're too expensive. There are a lot of friends often Tucao battery notebook own more and more short, we all know that this is because the use of a long time, it is inevitable, but it is not irreparable, how is this going, then you look down:

First of all, you have to understand the notebook "battery loss" what is the matter?

Lithium ion battery notebook has a design capacity, the data can be seen in the battery label, some with "MA (mAh) said," such as "4400mAh", while others are "Watts said, such as" 23Wh". This capacity value is the theoretical value of the maximum capacity of the battery. With the use of batteries, the actual capacity of the maximum value will gradually shrink, and the reduction of this capacity is the loss of the battery. For example, my laptop battery theoretical capacity is 4400mAh, the use of a period of time, now the actual maximum capacity into 4200mAh, then the battery loss is (4400-4200) /4400 x 100% = 4.5%. After the battery is used, the battery loss is normal. The amount of battery loss is directly related to the frequency of your battery. In connection with the external power supply, the battery will be charged first, and will be automatically stopped after being filled. Therefore, when the external power supply is used, the external power supply should be used as much as possible, so that the battery loss can be reduced.

Then, the lithium battery with large battery loss is treated by itself

For some notebook batteries which have been used for a long time, the battery loss is inevitable, and the proportion of the loss will be very high, up to 30-40%. This directly affects the battery endurance, before the endurance of 3 hours, and now it may only support 1.5-2 hours, reducing the ability of outdoor work notebook. Is this battery useless? In fact, by deep discharge, the loss of battery capacity can be restored. The method is as follows: first, start the notebook into the system, unplug the external power, use the battery power supply, until the battery is exhausted, automatic shutdown. Then plug in the power, charge and boot, until the full, then unplug the external power until the battery is exhausted automatically shut down. After more than 3 times of operation, the battery can be repaired, and the capacity of the battery can be restored to a certain extent.