Five basic functions of the notebook power adapter

- Oct 20, 2017-

With the coming into our life gradually with a notebook computer, notebook adapter as an indispensable component, has become in recent years the electronic engineers in the focus on new product development direction of the. And the power adapter in a modular, integrated and miniaturized, regardless of what happens to the appearance and function of five basic functions of a qualified notebook computer adapter of its own, is whether it can pass the key qualification. Let's take a look at what five basic functions a qualified power adapter should have.

For notebook computer power adapter, its own basic and most important work function is to adjust the input and output voltage.  According to international standard at present, a notebook computer power adapter qualified products, can be for the voltage interval 100V - 240V, is whether the user where the notebook computer can be plug and play, no need for power converter.  Only in line with this design requirements, new products will be able to meet the export production standards.

Notebook computer power adapter is needed to protect the point, its voltage output is in accordance with the requirements of notebook size and capacity, this value will normally be in number to dozens of security ranging from within the scope of choice, but in accordance with the specification or the greater the power consuming more screen to the principle of making. That's why different types of laptops don't mix power adapters.

In the new product development process, there is another function is notebook power adapter necessary to have, that is, can play a role in protecting computer components. If there is no power adapter, laptop plugged directly into use will be burned and the original battery socket, the main reason is the loading problem, and notebook computer power adapter to the current control in the power load requirements of the notebook, can ensure the normal use of the process does not bring security risks because of power load.

The fourth basic function of the laptop power adapter is to provide protection for the laptop battery. A new type of adapter products through certification, can be split and voltage to the input voltage, current for the impurity and the clutter filter to battery voltage stability, for intrusion problems such as sudden loss of battery voltage can also bear down, to guarantee the service life of the battery. At the same time, in the process of using the power adapter, also will default to the current delivery to the machine charge and battery, after the battery is charging current control device by sending a signal to the power adapter, so as to form, this is one of the power adapter function.

Finally, an important function, is required to have any CCC certification through the notebook computer power adapter, it is through its own thermal design help notebook computer cooling, so that the hardware in the cooling at the same time, because not all of a sudden power failure or accident other problems form, the current regulator can also provide for the notebook computer use more convenient.