Factors that affect the safety of the power cord

- Oct 20, 2017-

The main reason for the electric fire is that the plug, socket and converter of the power line are not of good quality. The quality problems of small plugs, sockets and converters will pose a serious risk to the safety of people and wealth of vast consumers. Therefore, consumers should focus on the safety of products when choosing plugs, sockets, converters and switches, and the main goals of the safety are the following functions:


Marking is the main basis for indicating people's accurate installation, application and maintenance, and is the extremely important safety standard content to ensure the safety of personal wealth. The plug and socket products shall be marked with additional current, extra voltage, power supply, etc. in distinct position. The other, converter (converter is as long as a plug part and one or more local socket combination in mobile electrical accessories with the product) to use MAX (or maximum) symbol to mark the additional current and / or power, to guide the user to prevent overload use. Marks or symbols should be durable and legible. You should not use labels that can be easily erased for screen printing and paper sticking.

Extra value

Additional value is the most fundamental electrical exchange common parameter that ensures the normal, safe and common use of plugs, sockets, converters and electrical equipment to be connected. For example, the additional current of the converter shall not be greater than the additional value of the plug.  Otherwise, the user can form the basis of additional current matching electric appliance socket, plug the overcurrent and have a fever risk; fuse with overload protector, the converter minimum additional value should be equal to the fuse, the overload protector marked on the additional value. Otherwise, the product can be damaged.


Size is a key technical requirement for the safe use of plugs, sockets and converters, and the ability to meet general interchangeability requirements to prevent MIS stabbing. The three core 10A product suffix power line failed size will affect the user to use or poor contact, false stab and other hazards, can make damage to the equipment, and will fire and electric shock accident.